Read This – Is Your Handbag Playing With Your Health?

Many of us are unaware that handbags can cause illness. A handbag can house millions of germs and dangerous bacteria that can cause skin diseases, breathing problems and even stomach infections.

Let’s see what are the things that can make handbags unhealthy:

1. Carrying Used Napkins Can Cause Diseases

Carrying used tissue papers, sponges, wipes and napkins in a handbag can cause skin and respiratory diseases. There is no point of re-using tissue papers. It is better to discard the napkins and tissue papers immediately after a single usage. Washable cloth napkin should go into a laundry basket rather than remaining in a handbag.

2. Cosmetics

Cosmetics often carry germs. It is best to wash make up brushes and clean cosmetics after each use. Take out unnecessary cosmetics from the handbag.

3. Chunks Of Eatables

Keeping eatables in a handbag while on the go is not a bad idea. It is good to have something to eat to get rid of growling belly and hunger drive. Always make sure to keep a container for all eatables or a plastic bag, to ensure that the bag is free from food chunks and bacteria. You can discard the plastic bag or wash the container, on reaching home.

4. Heavy Contents

It is important to take out useless items from a handbag. Keeping unnecessary things makes handbag heavy. There is no reason of suffering from aching shoulder because of unwanted items. It is ideal to keep separate bags for shopping, job, party and long journeys. Using a single bag for multiple purposes will only add unnecessary items, thus, adding extra weight on your shoulder.

5. Mobile Gadgets

Mobile phones and gadgets often house germs and bacteria. So always keep your handset and gadgets clean. A recent research reveals that a mobile phone contains more bacteria than a toilet bowl. Using mobile phones and portable gadgets with clean hands can reduce the risk. Always wash hands immediately after eating or using a phone. This prevents digestive and skin diseases.

6. Unhygienic wallet

Currency notes and coins come from hand to hand. Many people might have touched the money before it get our wallet. It is necessary to wash hands immediately after handling cash and coins.

Prevent Injuries, Infections And Diseases

Always be careful how you place items in your handbag. Organizing your possessions can prevent injuries. It is wise to organize things in different pouches and labeling them, to get the required item easily without any fuss. Place sharp items properly to avoid any injury or accident.

Women carry their handbags when ever they step out of their dwellings. Handbags contain almost everything that they consider useful while away from home. Usually, a lady’s handbag contains things like; cosmetics, medicines, mobile phone, charger, data cable, flash drive, eatables, napkins, small towel, mirror, wallet, credit card, contact cards, ID card, passport, keys, gloves, sun glasses, contact lenses etc. You name it and it is there!

The Problem – Is Your Handbag Making You Look Fat?

Is your designer handbag making you look fat? Much thought is given to the perfect pair of jeans or finding just the right blouse that will accentuate your figure. But how about your handbag?

Yes, your handbag can make you look fat or short or maybe even both. But the good news is, choosing the right handbag can make you look thin and tall.

It’s all about shape. You need to choose a handbag that is opposite that of your figure. If you were short and round, the perfect bag for you would be tall and sleek, like a clutch. Say you are tall and thin. Then a short and round bag would suit you best.

Now it is important you keep ratios in mind. Just because you are stout doesn’t mean you should carry around a pencil box, this will only add to the appearance that you are much larger then your handbag.

And don’t forget, fabrics and accents add a lot to the structure of a bag. A brightly colored, wildly patterned Monogram Multicolor Louis Vuitton Boulogne attracts a lot of attention. This bag will give the appearance that there is a lot my substance to your accessory then there really is.

Next, you will want to consider size of the bag. Take for example the Monogram Louis Vuitton Boulogne mentioned earlier. The bag itself has a small, classic, square shape to it, but it also has a long 12-inch strap. On a woman who is five and a half feet tall, this bag would be at or below her hip. This is too long for her height and therefore makes her look shorter. Now give the same bag to a 6-foot tall woman, and the bag would sit comfortably just above her hip and accentuate her waistline. The goal is to show off your womanly curves while hiding the womanly flaws we all have and hate.

Some popular designer handbag styles:

Tote – An open-top bag with straps or handles.

Hobo bag – A crescent-shaped shoulder bag.

Duffle – Tall shoulder bag, often with a wider opening on top.

Field bag – A flap-top shoulder bag with utility-type closure (buckles, snaps, etc).

Clutch – A small, handheld bag (frequently used for evening wear).

Satchel- A large, handheld bag.

Baguette – Long and rounded shoulder bag resembling the namesake bread.

Messenger – A large, soft shoulder bag with long straps (often worn across the body).

Cigar Box – A small, boxy, hard bag.

Pouch – A soft, small bag.

Oh, and a message to all of you who think you are avoiding bad handbag choices and have chosen a backpack style handbag. Watch out how big the backpack is and where it rests on your back. You could be adding junk to your ‘trunk’, or accentuating your ‘assets’.

Front or back, choosing the right bag is as important as choosing the right pair of jeans or the perfect sweater.

Read This – The Aesthetics of a Handbag

From a modern perspective, a handbag can be the key to fashion status; there are different styles one can opt for as to one’s comfort level. Handbags quickly evolved into an important piece for women; evolving into detailed pieces of art; handbags are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, consisting of artificial elements, animal skins, and plant fibers, lavish embellishments, compartments, and locks; handbags for every occasion, can’t have just one! A collection of handbags can simply be considered as an art form; infused with aesthetics provides a rich and unique ability to transform any outfit from simple to exquisite! Your handbag will eventually become your best friend; a handbag holds the treasure and secrets; it can be one’s most loyal company everywhere! Handbags will keep you organized and will maintain functionality; it will fix a wardrobe malfunction!

There are many levels of which a handbag can be purchased as to a financial commitment; everyone’s budget is different; regardless of one’s financial status, purchasing a handbag is a big deal! Mainly, always consider why you are buying a particular handbag; make sure you have a true understanding as to why you are making the purchase. You can definitely display your personal style as to choosing a particular handbag; have you ever had a dream handbag? Something so alluring about this accessory can make one’s heart skip a beat!

After much research and contemplation you took the leap and decided to do the unthinkable and bought your dream handbag! We try to analysis the results and understand the specific reason for one’s love for handbags; don’t over analysis the reason why you love your handbag; just love it, and appreciate fashion to make you feel complete; just feel beautiful, fashionable, and feminine! Handbags will not only enhance one’s overall appearance but it will change your life! Find a new level of attraction for your life! Be the first one to tell someone about how your handbag has changed your life. Tell them that this was the ultimate confidence that you needed; promote your new found confidence; help one to envision what a handbag can do in his/her life. Keep the trend for such an incredible style ongoing and inspire others to experience a new level as well!

1 – It will transform your overall appearance; gaining confidence in one’s overall personality and character.
2 – It will help maintain functionality.
3 – It will become your best friend!

You Should Know This – How Do You Spot A Handbag That Is Well-Made For Quality?

A handbag is an essential accessory for any woman. Whatever the occasion, you will need a handbag or purse to take the personal effects that you need with you conveniently. The market is crowded with all kinds of handbags, styles, designs, sizes and colors. The huge variety makes it possible for every buyer to find an item that matches their individual preferences.

But when getting a handbag, the quality does matter. The last thing you want is to buy one based on looks only for it to serve you a couple of weeks before starting to show signs of wear and tear. The attention that goes into the creation of your handbag can determine how durable it is. If what you are looking for is something that will serve your needs for decades, then you ought to pay attention to some important areas and elements before buying it.


It is among the last things you think about when buying a handbag yet it is among those that can tell you the quality you are getting. Bags made by skilled craftsmen feature equidistance stitching. This is stitching that is exact same size on the inside and outside of the bag. Irregularly or uneven sized stitching is usually a sign of a bag that has been made poorly. Still on stitching, it is important that you pay attention around corners. Handbag construction around corners can prove challenging and it is therefore an area you can use to tell the quality of the handbag. Excellent stitching around these complex areas only means that the designer paid attention for finer details and you can therefore trust in the quality of the bag.


Cheap looking hardware on your bag may be a quick indication of a bag that is poorly made. A quality handbag will not only have high quality hardware, but the hardware should be firmly attached to the bag and should be functional in every single way. Zippers are some of the most important and the options are numerous. Think about the zipper type and mechanism when buying. Metal zippers may seem higher in quality, but they could snag easily leading to costly replacements. A self-repairing plastic zipper may be a better option but there are quality metallic zippers too. Check out all hardware and finishes because they can tell you a lot about the quality of the bag you are about to purchase.

Binding and lining

It is common for buyers to pay attention to the outer part of the bag yet the inner also matters. The lining is among the aspects you should not forget to check. A good bag should have a lining that is tear proof, so you can carry anything, including pens without worries of putting an end to your bag as a result of tears. The binding also matters and a good bag will usually have binding hugging bag corners closely. Keep off binding that seems puckered because it could be the one that lets you down after a few uses.

Read This – Buying a Second Hand Bag

Designer bags are really expensive, and buying them often requires a lot of planning on the buyer’s end. You need to often save up your money for a long time before you buy your favourite dream designer handbag.

But then life gives some shortcuts, little sweet surprises, and some easier ways out for those who have struggled long enough. And if you happen to be one of those many people who have to save up for many days before they go and buy a designer handbag, then you surely must read on for your easy way out.

A simpler and easier way of expanding your collection of designer bags without having to spend too much money is to buy second hand bags. These bags are the same original designer handbags that you would get in a showroom, except that these have been used by someone for a small period of time, and now they want to sell off their bag to someone else.

You might wonder as to what exactly are the benefits of buying a second hand bag. Well, first and foremost, it obviously saves up a lot of money. Instead of going and buying one new authentic designer bag, you can get two or maybe three second hand bags in the same amount of money. Hence, this also means that you have more bags in your collection, and more variety of designer bags to match with every outfit of yours.

There are many people who buy designer bags in an impulse, but later they have to sell them off because of financial constraints and problems of paying their credit card bills. Some simply sell off their bags when they are cleaning their wardrobes, and feel that they have used that particular bag enough number of times. All these bags can then be found online on various websites, where these people sell them. And these second hand bags then become a blessing for those many women out there who love designer handbags, but are always looking for cheap deals on them.

The websites that sell these bags sometimes act as mediators where they just take the transaction commission and give you direct interaction with the seller. At other times, the website might just collect bags on their own from sellers, and sell them on their own on the website with their profits. Plus, they would also do the shipping worldwide!

Buying second hand bags is thus, a very smart way of saving money and enjoying great benefits.

Important for Every Woman – Ladies Handbag

Handbags are one of the most important accessories associated with any outfit. Ladies buy different types of handbags to go with their dresses. Ladies handbag should be capable of complimenting her look. It is also important to understand that the handbag must not outshine your outfit and the outfit must also not outshine the handbag. Today, ladies handbags are available in huge variety of designs and shapes. There are several brands that are dedicated solely to handbags. There are brands which are not even dedicated to ladies handbags but have a huge collection to select from. So, now you can guess how important these handbags are for women as the companies indulge in active marketing and promotion for them. Ladies have been using handbags since the late 1800s. Although the handbags of that time looked like big luggage nevertheless they were important to the ladies as they are today. At that time, ladies rarely left their home without handbags and even today women feel the exact way.

Ladies handbag today is available in different style, design as well as colour to suit every occasion. Clutch handbags have always been popular for any formal occasions or for ladies who love their belongings and don’t wish to part with them. These handbags can be easily found anywhere, but their size might vary. Different styles of handbags are available ranging from low price to high price, depending on the material and brand. These handbags best suit with minimalist outfit mainly gowns or dresses. Ladies Bags can easily make or mar the outfit And ladies who have an inclination of collecting bags know this fact very well. However, one must be careful while picking any handbag. The trend of handbags also keeps changing with time. What actually make handbags fresh is their colour and the outfit that perfectly suits them.

There are different types of ladies bags that you will get in market. These bags have different features and benefits. The gorgeous and practical double handle ladies handbag have several features. It has got an inside phone pocket, inside zipped pocket, shoulder strap which is detachable, studded feet and outside zipped pocket. The soft and spacious Bertie handbag comes with different practical pockets. These handbags are available in beautiful spring colours. Its soft handles make carrying comfortable as well as easy. The double handled stylish as well as practical handbag is perfect for everyday use. This wonderful bag has padded handles, studded feet and shoulder strap. Inside this bag there is a central divider, leather pocket for phone and inside zipped pocket. There are several other design and style of ladies bags.

Standard handbags are available in all sizes, designs as well as shapes. All styles of ladies bags are versatile; some bags just have some compartments and pockets, while other bags are completely covered with pockets. Some bags have design and style that is too simple while the others are more elaborate. Ladies handbag is available at affordable rate as well as in the expensive range too. Selecting one from so many options is a daunting task. To choose the perfect one is not easy. Ladies handbag is not only for carrying some items; it plays an important role in women’s image and wardrobe.

Read This Before Buy – When Searching for Great Handbag Deals, Know Upcoming Styles for a Deal That Will Last

First, it helps to know what’s currently trending in order to secure the best discounted handbags. It’s also smart to know how to tell a fake from an original. After all, these bags are considered an investment. Get some inspiration for an upcoming shopping trip by learning of the latest handbag styles for 2016, these bag styles are going to be big through fall and winter, and possibly into next spring.

Classic Styles

This may be a handbag that one would see their grandma carrying, but it goes along the trend of the grandma heel that is popular already. Chunky hardware on shoulder bags and a very boxy style can go great with a dress or jeans.


Everyone has likely seen the pom keychains that have been accessories for a while now, now many are snagging discounted handbags that feature this fun accent built-in. Keep eyes open for this trend, it’s cute and fun.

Bucket Bag

This purse is a personal favorite for many, and it’s gone from being a great silhouette bag to a geometrically shaped, shiny, avant-garde style with a single belt-looking strap. Keep on watch for this discounted handbag, it will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe and put anyone ahead of the upcoming trends.

Box Bag

It’s important to have a classic box bag to pair with dresses and skirts, nothing else will do! Look for one in a basic color, probably a shade of brown to go with just about anything but especially flirty, girly, A-line dresses. It’s the perfect look for the summer. A black box bag is excellent with solid color dresses as well, and looks quite timeless and classy.

Monster Bags

For some personality, look for the ever-popular monster bag. Finding these discounted handbags is a real winner, as they aren’t furry anymore but a bit more poised. Now they are a simple colored leather and still feature the famous faces as before. This gives a subtler look that is still fun for all.

Tiny Bags

While not too practical, tiny toes and handbags are perfect for carrying credit cards, a tube of lipstick and a compact. Really, not much more is needed and they definitely make a statement. Everyone will be asking who made the bag, guaranteed!


Looking for an edgy style? Grommets are super popular this summer. Look for large, silver circles that make a statement. Cross body bags are perfect for riding the motorcycle or day-long outings. Take note, studs are out and grommets are in.


Totes are just never going out of style, so stocking up on discount handbags or totes is smart. Just make sure they aren’t too large, or they’ll overpower the rest of the outfit. An average size tote looks grown up and sophisticated.


Skip the smaller sized cross-bodies that have been popular as of late, and go with a bigger, carryall style in canvas. This is perfect for a day trip or to carry on the plane when traveling. There are also many top-handle bags that have a cross-body option that add interest and are just big enough for any purpose.

These are the latest trends to keep watch over when shopping for discounted handbags. Secure them and always have something stylish to carry, be it on a date, to work, or a special event.

The Question – Do You Need to Buy A Crocodile Leather Designer Handbag?

There is a big difference between needs and wants and crocodile leather design handbags are in the definite list of wants by all women. While you may not need a handbag such as this, your want overpowers it, and somehow you find the need to get one!

Crocodile leather handbags are on the most wanted and yearned for bags by most women all around the world. There is something amazingly soft about a crocodile leather designer handbag and oh that sweet smell of leather!

Are you looking for a brand that is known for quality in accessories? You should shop the brands and make your choice. Exquisite designs and cool shapes are the features of many designers. You can get these bags in all sizes and in all designs. Many designers have its stores in various parts of the globe, and you can even buy them online.

On the other hand, there are very expensive design houses whose brand is well-recognized and customers love to go with the heritage and not innovation. The new bags come out from the archives at times; the brand also creates buzz with the new launches. There are a number of designer bags for you to choose from. However, crocodile leather handbags have an aura of their own.

Reasons for why you need a leather designer handbag:

• These are perfect once-in-a-lifetime investments which can serve as beautiful birthday gifts.

• They don’t change according to your shape or size! So whether you’re a size 8 or 18, the handbag will suit you just fine.

• Your crocodile leather designer bag is not going to go out of fashion any time soon. Since it is a designer bag, it will give you that celebrity feel!

• They are long-lasting and durable.

• An extremely gorgeous handbag elevates a plain and ordinary looking outfit. Even if one is dressed casually, the bag stands out

• For many people, it’s all about the things as they are. Sometimes the only way to keep up the look would be to carry a swanky bag all around town on a regular basis! The leather designer handbag will show people your fine fashion taste.

• There is also a very high resale value on a well-cared for designer leather handbag. The prized crocodile leather handbag keeps the resale value very high.

• There is a significant status symbol attached to the bag which signifies wealth and affluence.

• The high quality of the leather seen in a luxury handbag is nothing like any other leather bag.

• All these bags are hand stitched and crafted, and that is why they cannot be mass-produced.

If you are low on budget, you can always buy these bags wholesale and save. You can shop on the internet and save time and money buying a wholesale designer handbag.

Something You Will Need – Choosing a Quality Leather Handbag

A quality leather handbag is a long term investment. With proper care the bag may last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to take the time to find the quality leather handbag that will truly suit your needs both now and in the future. Leather handbags are available in so many styles, types and finishes that it is possible to discover a combination that is uniquely “you.”

Every type of quality leather handbag has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Some women find that the best option is to amass a collection of varying bags that are suited to specific purposes. Other women opt for one middle-of-the-road leather handbag that will work for many different situations. This guide will assist you in discovering which bags are best for each purpose, so that you are able to make informed purchasing decisions.

Multi-purpose leather handbags called totes were originally designed to carry large purchases. As society has become progressively busier, totes have become the bag of choice for many women. This type of bag is large, strong and dependable and is ideally suited to busy career women and moms. Since the bag is so large, a tote is generally not the best option for extremely petite women except when transporting bulky items.

If you are a student or traveler, a sturdy leather backpack is almost a requirement for success. Backpacks have shed their utilitarian image however, and are now a fashion staple. The major advantage of a backpack is that the backpack leaves the hands free for other tasks. Leather backpacks are generally superior to fabric backpacks due to the heft and durability of the leather material.

A medium sized leather satchel is a much better choice than a large tote for smaller women. Constructed with a sturdy frame that holds its shape well, a satchel is capable of carrying large and bulky items without much danger of ripping or tearing. The satchel is particularly suited to women who want to combine the carrying ability of a backpack with the look and feel of a traditional purse.

Conventional hobo bags are constructed of soft leather or suede and are made without a frame structure. These bags are still available and are especially suited to bohemian or “hippie” outfits. This season’s leather hobo bags are made with an internal frame and more closely resemble small satchels than traditional hobo bags.

The leather briefcase is considered a status symbol throughout many societies. Briefcases have also begun to make inroads as a substitute for purses in social settings, particularly in conservative settings. A briefcase works well with business attire, but is not the best choice as the main substitute for a purse.

The quality leather handbag is timeless and traditional. The trend of the moment is the tiny handheld clutch purse, although handbags continue to be available in many sizes and styles. A shoulder or wrist strap is highly recommended if the handbag will be carried in any but the most formal of settings. Small handbags work well for any body type and may be dressed up or down depending on the wearer’s outfit. Be certain to check strap length to ensure that the handbag hits your body at a flattering point.

Leather handbags are designed in a dizzying array of styles and types. Understanding the options that are available to you will assist you in making the perfect selection. Ultimately the choice is yours. If you find a quality leather handbag that feels right to you then that bag is the best choice for you.

Best Way to Create a Handbag Collection

So you are a designer that feels the need to indulge women in their love of accessories, in particular handbags. Women love handbags and shoes, almost more than they love their boyfriends, husbands or children! The beauty of the handbag is you don’t have to be the perfect size, in other words, no dieting required!

Accessory collections provide some of the largest proportion of the fashion industries income. Hitting a home run with the perfect bag can mean creating a following with women all over the world.

What are the principles one needs to know to start your own handbag collection?

Like any other fashion category one needs to have a great idea. Research is key, what is out there currently? Ask yourself, where would your handbags sit in your favorite department store? Would it be in the junior department or do you see them all done out in fine Italian leather and being a neighbor to Valentino, Chanel, and Gucci? When you determine where you will understand who and what your potential competitors are and what they are doing. You will also get a range of price. The price and the look are the keys to targeting who your customer will be. Will she be a very young with a more limited budget, or will your customer have a large discretionary income. The look is going to be your calling card, sleek, modern, vintage, bohemian, lady like……you decide and make sure your every piece you design fits your target look and target audience.

Once your concept is focused on a target audience. You could ask everyone you know who falls into that demographic what they need and like, talk to them and let them give you feedback on your design ideas. You could also ask the sales associates in the stores what they sell easily and what things that don’t work in general.

At this point, if you haven’t done so already, you can start to sketch your ideas. An important thing to understand, the more details in your designs the more labor that is needed to make them. If you are in a moderate price point or you are gearing your accessories to a young market, competing with a major company will be a challenge. Remember large corporations have the funding necessary to make many handbags overseas before they go to market. Generally a new designer doesn’t have the history nor the budget to make 10,000 handbags out the gate!

A good rule of thumb for a new handbag designer with a limited budget means small run production, keeping a close eye on material costs, and setting aside funds to do marketing and sales after the handbag samples are made. Even new designers wanting to produce a luxury product will have the same requirements.

It is at this point that many people get lost. They have wonderful creative ideas, and have put together a cohesive collection. How in the world do you make a handbag? Granted making a complex fitted jacket has its problems, but everyone can visualize sewing clothing…….(trust me, it is a bit more complex as well, but it does seem easier!)

The first thing is to make sure your sketches have taken into account measurements. How long is the handle, how big is the large compartment, what kind of hardware would I like to use. How long are the zippers how many compartments are on the inside. Getting a bit more complicated and scary right? Don’t fret…….find a bag that is close and use it as a reference. Having dimensions figured out is a necessity.

Now you need to find a pattern maker. If comparing yourself to an architect as designer, the pattern maker is the engineer. A qualified pattern maker will know if your strap is strong enough and how to make it strong enough so it doesn’t rip off the base of the bag. He or she will make pattern pieces (much like a puzzle) that will be sewn together to create your sample. It is always a good idea to get a pattern maker that will work with your sample maker……..lack of communication will cause you to have many redo’s and lots of blame making on both ends leading you to a mess of a sample and a lot of wasted time and money.

Almost simultaneous with the pattern maker you should know what materials you want to use. The pattern maker needs to know this, again an engineer needs to know if you are using wood or concrete. Specifications of materials will make the patterns work without a hitch and they will also need to know about your intended hardware. Hardware is as important, maybe more important than the leather or fabric you are using. The quality will be the determining factor in what price your handbags will be sold. Hardware is a hard thing to source and generally is done overseas, but there are some places in the US that still make quality hardware and there are sources here where you can buy generic closures, zippers and the like. When sourcing fabric, ask if you can you get more should you get orders, the same with the hardware. While you may pay retail prices for your sample, this would make your handbags grossly non competitive in the market place. Also note that timelines require you to get fabrics and hardware ahead of time.

Next you find a sample maker………key here, do they have the equipment to get the job done as well as the skill to use that machinery. Leather sewing machines, dies, sometime molds are necessary. Ask to see examples of something they have in work…..anyone can show you a beautiful bag someone else put together.

Once the materials are in the hands of your sample maker you start to find yourself extremely excited. Your sketches will finally take form. Your heart starts to beat very fast. Alas at this point be prepared to have to work out problems, find alternative solutions and possibly make minor design changes to accommodate machinery and material constraints. This is NORMAL…obstacles are a common factor in the design business. Be flexible and be CREATIVE. With good preparation, good materials, a sensible timeline that allows for mishaps and professional support in terms of labor you will have completed the first part of your handbag collection. You will have samples and something to show to sell…

This is the first half……marketing and sales will be just as important. Make sure you leave yourself enough money to get your product in front of the appropriate buyers. You can choose to go direct, go online, or sell retail stores. This is just as complex and I will handle this at a later time.

Smart Tips For Choosing The Perfect Handbag For Work

A good handbag says a lot about you and you need to know how to choose the right bag for each occasion. When shopping for a handbag for work, you need to decide the image that you want to portray. If you want to come across as professional, you should choose a bag that will show this image. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from and you can find different women’s bags for any look that you want.

Your office handbag may be one of the most hardworking accessories that you own and it helps to make sure that it is functional yet sturdy. The perfect handbag will be a great investment that will serve you well for a long time to come. A well-structured leather bag can make you look and feel more polished, confident and focused. Following are tips that will prove to be helpful.

Choosing the best material

Consider choosing a leather handbag for work. This is the best material as you can be sure that you are investing in quality. A leather handbag might cost you more upfront, but when you think long-term, you will be making huge savings. The bag will last long, which is important when you consider that this is a hard-working item. A handbag that will fall apart after a few uses is a poor investment.

Consider size and structure

It is important to think about the size and structure when choosing a handbag for work. Your handbag should have a generous size especially if you need to fit several items such as your iPad or a large folder. Choose a size that will be generous without being too unwieldy or heavy. Remember that you do not need to fit your kitchen sink in the bag! Structure is very important and for the office look, you should go stiff and structured than slouchy hobo. Remember that you need to protect that iPad!

Think organization

Your work bag should allow you to stay organized throughout the day. This means that you should think several pockets. Look for a bag that will have different sections for different items such as your keys, phone, stationery, business cards and other items. Internal pockets will help you to stay organized and you do not have to keep dumping everything out when you need to find something!

You can use color to express yourself but remember that colors like black, brown and tan will allow you to pair the handbag with any outfit. Consider your work environment when choosing the best color and do not hesitate to choose bright colors to spice up bland outfits.

You Should Read This – How to Spot a Fake Handbag From an Authentic One

In today’s economy, the growing number of knock-off designer handbags continues to rise. For the woman that is still after the authentic designer handbags, this can present a challenge. Have no fear, there are ways that you can identify an authentic designer handbag. We’re here to help! Below are some of the designer handbag brands that we carry and how you can identify the real from the fake and save yourself from a disappointing purchase.

B. Makowsky handbags: B. Makowsky handbags are known for their supple leather, chunky hardware and signature lining. Most knock-off handbags are not made of this same genuine soft leather and will not have the signature satin lining. Look for these characteristics when shopping B. Makowsky handbags. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Michael Kors handbags: Michael Kors is known for his trademark square buckles, snaps or accents on the handbag. Every Michael Kors purse has these square accents. The knock-offs do not have these accents or often times forget to use the logo on the hardware.

Marc Jacobs handbags: Marc Jacobs zippers have slanted “i’s”. If the bag has upright “i’s” then it is probably a fake. Authentic Marc Jacobs handbags do not have blank zippers. Note that on some of their E/W (East/West) handbags a Lampo zipper will be used. A Lampo zipper is manufactured by Lampo and will have the zipper brand found on the backside or underneath the zipper. Fake Michael Kors bags will often have a metal or leather tag hanging from the bag. These never appear on authentic Michael Kors bags. Avoid handbags with tags that state “Authentic Marc Jacobs”. Some replica manufacturers use this to fool consumers in believing they have purchased an authentic bag. Each Michael Kors bag should have a metal label inside that says Michael Kors and it should not have a serial number or identification number. This is not a feature of Michael Kors handbags.

Brahmin handbags: Rest assured that there have not been any discovered knock-offs of Brahmin handbags yet. At one point, these handbags were being assembled in China so don’t be alarmed if you find an authentic that says “made in China” as these are authentic handbags.

Cole Haan handbags: Cole Haan is notorious for soft and supple leather bags. When you bend the leather, you shouldn’t be able to feel any crinkle. If the leather has a plastic or rough feel, chances are it is a fake. Cole Haan bags cost anywhere from $300 to $12,000 so if someone is selling it for $25, chances are it is a fake.

There are some steps you can take into consideration when buying a discount designer handbag:

  • Read the description of the bag carefully and ask questions for anything that may seem unclear. If the description states the handbag is a “replica” or “designer inspired” then the bag is not authentic.
  • Consider the price of the handbag. If the price looks too good to be true, then chances are it is. If the bag is being sold for 25% of the original retail, chances are it’s a fake. Also note that there are authentic brands online at 40% off or even a little higher so you’ll need to investigate those further.
  • Determine if the dealer is a reputable dealer. Some things you can ask yourself are: Do they have a reasonable return policy? Does their website have a professional look and feel? Are they selling other products besides the designer handbags?
  • Look for key trademark characteristics that are notorious for the specific designers. We have listed some of these traits above to help you identify by brand.
  • Designer handbags are usually crafted of fine leather and soft fabrics. If the handbag is crafted in cheap leather, it’s probably a knock-off.
  • Check the stitching to make sure it’s even and straight. Fake designer handbags usually have crooked or incomplete stitching. Authentic bags will have even and straight stitching.

Most importantly, if you aren’t sure, ask the dealer if their bag is authentic and what their return policy is. If they are willing to offer a return policy or 100% satisfaction guarantee, then the designer handbags are usually authentic. We hope that we have helped to give you the tools you need to shop for authentic designer handbags.

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