Read This Before Buy – When Searching for Great Handbag Deals, Know Upcoming Styles for a Deal That Will Last

First, it helps to know what’s currently trending in order to secure the best discounted handbags. It’s also smart to know how to tell a fake from an original. After all, these bags are considered an investment. Get some inspiration for an upcoming shopping trip by learning of the latest handbag styles for 2016, these bag styles are going to be big through fall and winter, and possibly into next spring.

Classic Styles

This may be a handbag that one would see their grandma carrying, but it goes along the trend of the grandma heel that is popular already. Chunky hardware on shoulder bags and a very boxy style can go great with a dress or jeans.


Everyone has likely seen the pom keychains that have been accessories for a while now, now many are snagging discounted handbags that feature this fun accent built-in. Keep eyes open for this trend, it’s cute and fun.

Bucket Bag

This purse is a personal favorite for many, and it’s gone from being a great silhouette bag to a geometrically shaped, shiny, avant-garde style with a single belt-looking strap. Keep on watch for this discounted handbag, it will be the perfect addition to any wardrobe and put anyone ahead of the upcoming trends.

Box Bag

It’s important to have a classic box bag to pair with dresses and skirts, nothing else will do! Look for one in a basic color, probably a shade of brown to go with just about anything but especially flirty, girly, A-line dresses. It’s the perfect look for the summer. A black box bag is excellent with solid color dresses as well, and looks quite timeless and classy.

Monster Bags

For some personality, look for the ever-popular monster bag. Finding these discounted handbags is a real winner, as they aren’t furry anymore but a bit more poised. Now they are a simple colored leather and still feature the famous faces as before. This gives a subtler look that is still fun for all.

Tiny Bags

While not too practical, tiny toes and handbags are perfect for carrying credit cards, a tube of lipstick and a compact. Really, not much more is needed and they definitely make a statement. Everyone will be asking who made the bag, guaranteed!


Looking for an edgy style? Grommets are super popular this summer. Look for large, silver circles that make a statement. Cross body bags are perfect for riding the motorcycle or day-long outings. Take note, studs are out and grommets are in.


Totes are just never going out of style, so stocking up on discount handbags or totes is smart. Just make sure they aren’t too large, or they’ll overpower the rest of the outfit. An average size tote looks grown up and sophisticated.


Skip the smaller sized cross-bodies that have been popular as of late, and go with a bigger, carryall style in canvas. This is perfect for a day trip or to carry on the plane when traveling. There are also many top-handle bags that have a cross-body option that add interest and are just big enough for any purpose.

These are the latest trends to keep watch over when shopping for discounted handbags. Secure them and always have something stylish to carry, be it on a date, to work, or a special event.

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